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A kenma (けんま kemma) is an act of visiting places related to Koushinism.


The term "kenma" comes from "Chiba Kenma". Chiba Kenma initially referred to Hasegawa Ryota's address, 78-3, 2-chome, Rokkodai, Matsudo-City, Chiba, 270-2203, JAPAN (千葉県松戸市六高台2-78-3 Chiba-ken Matsudo-shi Rokkōdai 2-78-3). As the Koushinism developed, “Chiba Kenma” has extended its uses to mean the house standing there since 1999, and an act of going there (ちばけんまする chibakemma suru, lit. to do Chiba Kenma). Thence “kenma” became to singly mean acts of visiting places where flamed people or those related to them live.

Koushinists doing kenma often take pictures, play a prank like putting sonseals.

Chiba Kenma is the most famous kenma spot to Koushinists. "Tora Kenma" (traveling to Pure Toranomon), "Eku Kenma" (Exceed Ōizumi), "Ume Kenma" (Shin's house) and "Feva Kenma" (Favorite House 1) are also popular to them.

Guide to Kenma by Transportation[編集]

Wide-area route maps for major kenma spots in the metropolitan area


For Chiba Kenma[編集]



Chiba Kenma (ちばけんま chibakemma) is a kenma to Hasegawa's house. Walk from the Tobu Urban Park Line Mutsumi Station or the Shin-Keisei Line Motoyama Station. Someone said that Chiba Kenma is close to these stations, but actually it is not so close. Bus services are not so frequent there.

For Tora Kenma[編集]

Walk map of Toranomon


Tora Kenma (とらけんま torakemma) is a kenma to the Pure Toranomon, where Karasawa Takahiro once ran a law firm. Koushinists usually do Tora Kenma by walk from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Kamiyacho Station, the Toei Mita Line Onarimon Station or the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Toranomon Station. Kamiyacho is the nearest. The route from the Onarimon to the Pure Toranomon runs uphill, but it's convenient to Atago Police Station Kenma.

See also 虎ノ門

For Den-en-chōfu Kenma[編集]

Den-en-chōfu Kenma (田園調布けんま den'en-chōfu-kemma) is a kenma to the Den-en-chōfu Satyam, Karasawa Takahiro's parents' house. A short walk from the Tokyu Tamagawa Line Numabe Station.

Change trains at the Keihin-Tōhoku Line Kamata Station or the Tokyu Toyoko Line Tamagawa Station. Keep in mind that the Commuter Express/Limited Express of Tokyu Toyoko Line don't stop at Tamagawa.

Some are afraid of "Den-en-chōfu," but it is just a usual residential area.

For Echigo-ya Kenma[編集]

Echigo-ya (越後屋) is a buckwheat noodle restaurant whose owner is a relative of Hasegawa Ryota. Walk from the Toei Mita Line Itabashi-honchō Station or the Tobu Tojo Line Naka-Itabashi Station. When using Tobu Tojo Line, only the local line stops at Naka-Itabashi.

Virtual kenma[編集]

Chiba Kenma on Google Street View. Unable to see due to mosaic effect.
Pure Toranomon in Google Maps.

Virtual kenma used to be available on Google Street View. Now, however, it is unavailable because Pure Toranomon is no longer displayed in Street View, and a mosaic effect is put on Chiba Kenma.

Notable kenmas[編集]

Close encounters of the third kind[編集]

Disclosure of the faces of Karasawa Takahiro and Yamaoka Hiroaki[編集]

A Koushinist successfully disclosed the figure of Karasawa and Yamaoka by video during Tora Kenma on May 22th, 2015.

See Disclosure of the faces of Karasawa Takahiro and Yamaoka Hiroaki for detail.

Bespectacled Sonshi[編集]

Bespectacled Sonshi (眼鏡尊師 megane-sonshi) is a putative Sonshi filmed by Rikuji Niki during Tora Kenma on June 29th, 2015.

See bespectacled Sonshi for detail.

Disclosure of the Sonshi by SS Niki[編集]

SS Niki took a movie of a person considered to be Sonshi on August 24th, 2015.

See SS Niki for detail.

Kenma Live[編集]

Some Koushinists do kenma while broadcasting it on video streaming services such as Niconico live broadcasts or TwitCasting.

"Kenma Live" by Tsukinaga Koei[編集]

Tsukinaga Koei performed a series of kenmas from 2013 to 2014, recommended by Koushinists. Tsukinaga did Chiba/Tora/Echigo-ya Kenma on October 20th (2013), Fumon Festival Kenma on November 3rd, Chiba Kenma on June 14th (2014), Tora Kenma on 18th and 23rd.

In particular, the Chiba Kenma Live on June 14th is well-known because it seems to have caused the exchange of the interphone at Hasegawa's house into one with a video camera (Chinterphone). His Tora Kenma on June 23rd is also famous around Koushinists. Tsukinaga was once surrounded by almost 20 policemen just after pushing the interphone of the Cross Law Firm at 4th floor of the Pure Toranomon.

See Tsukinaga Koei for his other kenmas.

Night Kenma Live[編集]

Rikuji Niki, Atsushi and others did Chiba Kenma in the night on June 30th, 2015. They put sonseals on the nameplate and interphone there.

Kenma boom since “the Kenma Day”[編集]

August 3rd, Heisei 27(2015) is called "the Kenma Day" because it (H27/8/3) reads "Nīna hassan", the nickname of Chiba Kenma. Many Koushinists did Kenma on that day. It caused Kenma boom.

Shigemi (the author of "Nan-J o matomeru nari!") was taken in to the Atago Police Station on a charge of breaking and entering, after putting sonseals on the post during Tora Kenma Live.

Paranoid and Dasaitama took several Kenma Lives in the Kenma boom. They resulted in a lot of achievements such as the broadcasting of police check, filming of Karasawa Hiroshi and Hasegawa Yukie.

See above articles for detail.

Kenma by drone (Doro Kenma)[編集]

Kenma by drone was suggested many times since Japanese news media had reported the crash of drones in 2014, but nobody had carried it out so far due to lack of funds, skill or courage. Koushinists once tried to talk a drone driver Noeru (ノエル), a host in Niconico live broadcasts, into broadcasting drone kenma but failed.

Dasaitama first succeeded in photograph from the sky around Chiba Kenma by drone.

Cho Kenma (Ome Kenma)[編集]

Cho Kenma (兆けんま chō-kemma) means travel to the house of Koseki Naoya (also known as Omega). The name "Cho Kenma" is derived from his illegible handwriting of "Hokkaidō" (北海道), which reads as "Chōkaidō" (兆海道). Cho Kenma is much more difficult than other kenmas because of its location.

1st Cho Kenma[編集]

A Koushinist who was traveling Asahikawa during the Kenma boom, carried out the first Kenma against Koseki's house on August 14. In those days, Koushinists called his house "the Omega Castle of Impregnability" because it is so far from urban areas that even Koushinists in Hokkaido were not able to do Kenma. The kenma became a good news around Koushinists in this situation.

He did it by walking from the Nishi-Goryō Station, which is the closest station to the Omega Castle, while most of Koushinists in those days expected that Cho Kenma was impossible without motorbike or car hire. It surprised them and gave a great influence on Omegology later.

See Tracks of Koseki Naoya Identification#August 4th - The First Kenma and Fall of the Omega Castle for details.

2nd Cho Kenma[編集]

A Omegologist and ranfag attained the Second Cho Kenma on August 15th, a day after the First Cho Kenma. He revealed the latest figure of Koseki Naoya and the appearance of the barn in Koseki's house. He also talked with Koseki Naoya himself.

See Tracks of Koseki Naoya Identification#August 5th - The Second Kenma & Contact with Koseki Naoya for details.

3rd Cho Kenma[編集]

Ikagi (いかぎ), a pakasong arrangement composer and MMD creator on Nico Nico Douga, did Omega Kenma as "a trip from Nagoya to Furano" on August 22nd and uploaded the video of it like a bolt out of the blue on August 25th.

He showed the whole picture of Koseki's house, and committed aggressive acts like disclosure of a delivery from Amazon to Koseki Naoya (seemed to be dōjinshi) and shaking the door knob there. The movie also showed the laundry of theirs and the state of neighbors. But it was deleted later.


But incidents come up ...


Matsudo Mad Mat Man stole the jibun-gatari mattress (自分語りマットレス) from Chiba Kenma in 2014. Kenma-kun in Chiba Kenma was also stolen. In addition, someone stole an umbrella and an umbrella stand from Chiba Kenma in 2015 October, and gave them to Tora Kenma two days later.

"Nameplate, Peta !w" Incident[編集]

The "Nameplate, Peta!w" Incident (「表札、ペタッ!w」事件 hyosatsu peta jiken) happened in 2015. Someone attached a fancy plate on the nameplate at Chiba Kenma with glue (some says it was Konishi bond G17). The plate was discovered by a Koushinist on Chiba Kenma on July 30th. The glue covered over the nameplates and even chinterphone. The plate was soon withdrawn. The nameplate looked tattered, so it was once thought to separate into pieces due to glue. It turned out to be just dirt of remaining glue later[1]. It is believed that the cause of the incident is the inciting words by foreskins in Rikuji Niki’s Kenma Live on June 30th, 2015. They laughed in derision saying "Stickers, Peta!w" (シール、ペタッ!w shīru peta)[2].

The incident caused a continuous cat-and-mouse game by The Hasegawas and copycat criminals of it.

Prank on the Pure Toranomon[編集]

A honorary certificate with cutters in it was set at the Pure Toranomon on February 10th, 2015[3]. It was regarded as a troll and not actually done at first, but turned at to be actual. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported it[4].

Someone put stickers (made with tape printing machine) such as “Eros Law Firm”, “I’m coming!”[5] on the post of the Cross Law Firm and the Karasawa Hiroshi Accounting Firm on August 31st, 2015. He also attached a sticker on the warning notice of prohibiting unauthorized entry to let it read as “No Trespassing of Karasawa Takahiro.”[6]

Arson of Suzune-P's bicycle[編集]

Someone burned the saddle of Suzune-P’s bicycle, which is parked at Zama Kenma in the end of September, 2015.

Other Chiba/Tora Kenmas[編集]

See also putative Sonshi.

  • 05/24/2015 - TwitCasting of Tora Kenma
  • 05/24/2015 - Mogami Atomi was told that he did Tora Kenma and taken into the Atago Police Station by 5 policemen a minute after he took pictures there.
  • 06/19/2015 - Chiba Kenma by Adachi Shin.
  • 06/20/2015 - Tora Kenma Live by Adachi Shin.
  • 08/24/2015 - SS Niki filmed a person who seems to be Sonshi during Tora Kenma.

Measures against kenma[編集]

As kenmas by Koushinists increase in number and extremeness, local police and citizens around the kenma spots take measures against kenma.

National Secom takes police checks at Tora Kenma.

In Chiba Kenma, Matsudo Higashi Police goes on patrol, and residents have organized a “vigilance group” due to Koushinists’ aggressive acts since 2015 September. There are suspicions that the citizens used “child soldiers” to film the kenma travelers (online daters fooled by Koushinists, to be exact). Hasegawa Mitsutaka, Ryota’s father, demonstrates do-or-die resistance against Koushinists. He gave warning to Dasaitama during his Chiba Kenma. He also set security cameras (some are dummies) there.

The inhabitants in Zama Kenma (seems the house owner) seemingly began to keep the place under surveillance after the arson of bike. Some Koushinists were taken away during broadcasting.

Radio-controlled kenma[編集]

To confront the strict guard in Chiba and Tora Kenma, Koushinists developed a new method of deceiving online daters (出会い厨 de’ai-chū) with nekama and taking into kenma. Koushinists had so far taken Tsukinaga Koei into kenma saying “you will be famous,” and Adachi Shin into kenma deceiving “Chiba and Tora Kenma are the headquarter of the collective stalkers,” but there are few attention seekers who troll and publicize themselves, or active schizophrenic patients on the Internet, so Koushinists had difficulty in constantly preparing kenma travelers. Thus, Koushinists discovered online daters to be suited for kenma, who are found in great numbers in matchmaking services and LINE, and do anything in order to satisfy their sexual desire. The act of deceiving online daters into doing kenma is known as "radio-controlled kenma". Although radio-controll of online daters requires some skills, such as a good acting of nekama and a good sense of locality around Chiba Kenma to lead them[7], it has low risk of police check and captures by vigilance group. Moreover, even if deceiving failed, you can simply find another dater with ease, as there are many of them.

Some let radio-controlled daters take pictures of Chiba or Tora Kenma and confirm where security cameras exist. Others sent no less than 57 online daters to Chiba Kenma saying “There is a sexual orgy of gays,” and threw neighbors into disorder by parking their cars there. Others talk them into taking selfies at kenma spots or erotic ones, and share these pictures around Koushinists.


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  2. "Peta" is a mimetic word of putting stickers on. The words "Stickers, Peta!w" was derived from "Yoneno, a cup of tea!w" (米野、お茶!w yoneno ocha), which is used on NanJ.
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