Takahiro Karasawa

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注意 There is a different person with the same name (see the article on Karasawa Takahiro).
Takahiro Karasawa
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Personal details
Full Name Takahiro Karasawa
Nickname/s Sonshi(Guru), Muno(Incompetent), Pakadebu and more
Born 4 January, 1978 (age 41)
Residence Uncertain (Refer to Kokyo)
Born in Minato Ward[1], Tokyo (wp)
Physical Appearance Chubby[2], Hairy Buttocks[3], Sagging foreskin[4]
Talent Incompetence
Identification Method Self Disclosure when he requested to disclose the IP addresses of 2ch users
Relevance Main Characters
Occupation Lawyer, Music instructor[5]
Apps Production Company(Officer)
Graduated Highschool Toritsu Shinjuku Yamabuki Highschool[1]
Alma mater Waseda University Law School[1]
Hobby Films[1][6], Listening to music, Rakugo, Idol watching, Walking, Travel, Swiming, Talk with a stranger[7] etc.
Favorite baseball team Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, Yokohama DeNA Baystars[8]
Loves Junior idles, SEKAI NO OWARIShuzo Gotanda(Izakaya), Yamaguchi Prefecture Tsunoshima, Sashimi, Shochu, Japanese drawings、Jitsuro Terashima
Hates Nan-J Citizen,A post that dening Toshoku's identity that Toshoku killed Toshoku's little brother[9],IAEA
Business relation

Takahiro Karasawa(唐澤貴洋, born 4 January 1978) is a Japanese lawyer, poet, scammer, cult leader and the owner of nuclear weapons. He is a Pakaben (a lawyer with an expertise in issues relating to the Internet) and a specialist in dealing with online abuse. He belongs to DAI-ICHI TOKYO BAR ASSOCIATION(第一東京弁護士会) and is a co-founder of CROSS LAW FIRM(法律事務所クロス). His most famous case is with the client Ryota Hasegawa, the root of all evils, in their fight against the residents of Nan J.

Early life[編集]


He was born on 4 January 1978 at Saiseikai Central Hospital and grew up in Setagaya, Tokyo.


After moving to Yokohama he attended St. Joseph School and graduated the school in March 1990.

He later returned to Tokyo and went to Housei Daini Junior High School. He underwent various frustrations during his junior high school days and graduated from the school in March 1993.

In August 1995 aged 17, while attending Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki Senior High School, he killed lost his younger brother, Atsushi through suicide. This event was used by Karasawa, as he began to hope to create a better world in which everyone is kind to each other. He graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku Yamabuki Senior High School in the spring of 1998.

A year later, in April 1999 Karasawa was admitted to The Environmental Information Faculty of Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC). After that he was incorporated into The Integrated Policy Faculty. His studies included Information and Communication Policy, American politics, Theories of political process and Nationalism through seminars by Yoko Hirose. It is during this time, that Karasawa first experienced living alone. He chose to study political science, aspiring to solve the social issues, but after studying he felt that this academic field was not sufficient to help those in need. He graduated from Keio University in 2003, aged 25.

Early career[編集]

The Great Struggle[編集]

After graduating from Keio University, he would ponder to himself everyday about the world we live in. Finally, he aimed to pass the National Bar Examination. He entered Waseda Law School and visited Osgoode Hall Law School in Canada with Shigeo Miyagawa. He steped up his efforts every day and as a result passed the exam.

Finishing 63rd Term Judicial trainings, he was officially admitted as a lawyer. Using the connections his granfather, Ichiei Kono had with Yuzo Sakamoto, their friendship in the Meiji University OB Association, Karasawa was employed by The Sakamoto Law Firm. However, six months after being employed, he moves out from Sakamoto Law Firm because he came to believe that his grandmother was paying for his salary through the lawfirm. According to lawyer Ichiro Konishi, who was a collegue, Karasawa only came into work for a total of ten days.

Cross Lawfirm[編集]

On July 4, 2011, Karasawa Takahiro established the Koushin Lawfirm at Gotanda, Tokyo. After becoming independent, he began concentrating on solving problems relating to the internet because he saw that there aren't many experts in that field. He was also appointed as an outside director of an app-development company in 2014.

He established Cross Lawfirm with Yamaoka Hiroaki in February 16, 2015.



It all started when Hasegawa Ryota was identified as the person behind the handlename Yagami Taichi, at /livejupiter/ of 2ch BBS.

Hasegawa repeatedly talked himself up, slandered everyone and threw abuse in all directions through his handlename and was hated by many BBS users. This hositility of the NanJ residents accumilated and was then concentrated aganist him during the combined effort to disclose his identity. On March 7, 2012, Yagami Taichi was identified as Hasegawa Ryota. Though it must be noted, that it was Hasegawa who gave away the crucial piece of the puzzle (when he posted his graduation certificate that day) and it was also Hasegawa who had left the various bits of information about his daily life, which were pieced together during the identification. The residents gradually found out more about him, including his face, address and family and made this information public.

Since Hasegawa could not withstand this flood of abuse, he sought to take action over the matter and the lawyer he encountered, was Karasawa Takahiro.

Becoming the central figure[編集]

Karasawa Takahiro got Hasegawa Ryota's request, and then he filled for a request to the operator of 2ch BBS to delete writings that were allegedly damaging Ryota Hasegawa's reputation. At the same time, he requested for the disclosure of caller's information (13th disclosure). he showed off his competence to the NanJ people.

Other languages[編集]