Document 3.7: Tracks of Yagami Taichi Identification

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Document 3.7: Tracks of Yagami Taichi Identification(3.7ドキュメント 八神太一特定の軌跡 3.7 dokyumento yagami taichi tokutei no kiseki) is a 2012 nonfiction. It first appeared on /livejupiter/ in 6 parts. It describes a history of Hasegawa Ryota aka Yagami Taichi and Karasawa Takahiro after Yagami was specified.

Part 1 / 2[編集]

Hasegawa uploaded a photo on /livejupiter/. That was his certificate of passing university. It caught his identity.

Part 3[編集]

Lawyer Karasawa Takahiro descended upon the Deletion Request Board and request the disclosure of the IP addresses of the messages on /livejupiter/.

Part 4[編集]

JEX's “Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Gallery” got popular on /livejupiter/.

Part 5[編集]

The "Great Disclosure Request I" occurred.

Part 6[編集]

The mass request for IP address disclosure occurred again (the Great Disclosure Request II). A collage photo of Hasegawa became a topic of conversation on Twitter.