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Karacoin (カラコイン karakoin, also known as 恒貨 kouka) is a coin with stickers describing Koushinism. Karacoins are used to propagate Koushinism by putting them in vending machines. Karacoin is a portmanteau of Karasawa and coin.


A Koushinist made a lot of 10 yen coins with advertisement labels for the Koushin Law Firm and uploaded the picture of them to Koushin-kyo Cyber Division (one of the Karasawa Takahiro bulletin boards) on May 29, 2014.

319 名前:風吹けば名無し@転載禁止 :2014/05/29(Thu) 22:39:26 ID:QVVMOUBE 
I made a new advertisement plan to apologize to Mr. Karasawa.

Most Koushinists didn't care about the post at first; however, these karacoins had circulated so widely that some news sites mentioned karacoins in June[1]. Some Twitter users (not only Koushinists) also found karacoins in Japan [2].


Karacoins are first made for pestering advertisement for Karasawa Takahiro but have developed to a part of the art line through inventing a variety of stickers, like photo.jpg, dick face (chincoin, “dick coin”), members of Koushin family. There are also karacoins leading people to look for Koushinism terms on search engines. Karacoins of QR code have also been invented.


     ,. -''"´    `゙''-、
    ,."        )( `ヽ.
  /  ´~"''‐ィ !ヽ,..、-''" .`、
  ,'  r'遵丶}liil{ r遵丶  i.    \ヽ人_从人__从_人__从_从人__从_人__从_从人_人/
  ! ノ(    、,,_,,,      l    ≧   10円硬貨は我が国の大事な貨幣では   <
  ',     ,r-----、.    ,'   =ニ   なかったのですか!!             ≦
  丶    |!!il|!|!l||l     ./    /Y⌒YWW⌒W⌒Y⌒WW⌒W⌒Y⌒W⌒Y⌒WW⌒Y\
  ヽ    .!ェェェェェ.!    ,.'
    `'-、_      _,.-'´

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